Hi, I’m Gertraud, an Austrian and traveler by birth. I am a global HR professional & Coach who is passionate about helping women expats and organizations see what’s holding them back from creating higher impact abroad.

For the last several years, I’ve worked and lived as expat in Ethiopia and Jamaica. Having personally experienced the dynamics of juggling family, career, marriage, and friendships while living abroad, I deeply relate to the challenges of thriving as a working expat mum. I’m fascinated by the impact an expat may bring to another country, what opportunities may be co-created with the local team and the emotional rollercoaster that expat life entails. Working for a global executive search network allows me to see the complexity of moving talent across the world every day. As Coach, my passion is to be a business/life/check-in partner for courageous expat and repat women that experience transitions, career changes, crave more time for themselves and want to maximize their impact at work and at home. My coaching program CocoHeart was crafted in Jamaica and combines all my passion: laser focused coaching, going deep & achieving the personal and professional goals that inspire you.