Sharing stories, my work and passion as advocate for women, who choose to lead impactful assignments outside of their comfort zone.

Global Connection – Repatriation & Exploring the old, and now new home Austria again

Expat Women on Lead Assignment

‘When she can do it. So I can do it as well.’

What can you do when it is not the right time to launch your business?

‘Take every opportunity that comes to you, and you will see yourself achieving things you never thought you can do.’

Supporting Female Executives to Create Success Abroad

‘Companies need to develop an expat culture that really embraces the opportunities and also realistic challenges of being an expat, what it takes for people to move with their families and how this step fits into a long-term vision for their career.’

Global Connection

Now is all there ever is


I’m very passionate to share the journey of my clients and my work during guest lectures and virtual conferences across the world. Please reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to discuss opportunities and share my media kit. Let’s connect!