Catalina Ardila

Former CFO Total Jamaica

Gertraud has been very helpful in supporting me in the transition from an international work experience of 10 years to my sabbatical period, and then moving into a greater and clearer professional path in Finance.

She assisted me on identifying what I was looking for in terms of my career with the help of exercises and questions.

All the answers were within me and she helped me to see them more clearly, and fully own my accomplishments & successes. A very good souvenir of the program was our closing session, where she organized to do a field trip on the top of the mountain with a magnificent view. We watched a beautiful sunset while working/thinking of the powerful questions she had for me.

Charlene Coore Desai

Former Chief of Party, USAID ASSIST

Today’s career workshop was amazing! I really enjoyed taking the time to reflect on my past achievements and then to focus on future possibilities and pathways. I also really liked that we used tangible exercises to guide this process. But my main takeaway from today’s session was about the power of ‘telling my own story’. Gertraud made the whole workshop fun, accessible and inspiring!

Nicole Adamson, CFA

Nicole Adamson, Research Manager at VMBS Jamaica

For a few years I’d been feeling a bit lost, with no direction and stuck in a job that I’d outgrown, having been there for 8 years. I was looking for persons I found inspirational on social media and a common thread I found with successful female leaders is that they sought the help of a coach. Even coaches themselves found value in being coached on their own journeys. I reached out to a couple of coaches but they didn’t seem to fit.

But Gertraud’s infectious optimism and her genuine desire to cheerlead her tribe allowed me the comfort I needed to know that I would have a safe space with her to really dig deep, discover what was holding me back and put in the work to move my career forward. Her HR expertise was also a plus. The journey hasn’t been comfortable and it’s ongoing. Gertraud challenged me each step of the way and, even now, keeps me accountable to the commitments I’ve made to myself. To anyone seeking that extra push on their leadership journey, Gertraud meets you where you are. She asks the hard questions, but she’s supportive and encouraging. She allows you to have doubts and then challenges you to tackle them. She cares and that’s her superpower. 

Shevonne Taylor

Shevonne Taylor, HR Manager Sutherland, Jamaica

I am so grateful for the partnership during the relocation process to Jamaica. I found the coaching sessions to be a valuable resource, while getting acclimated to this beautiful country I can now call home. From helpful tips to utilize in my professional teams to yoga groups meet ups, Gertraud made me feel at home again when I needed it most. Thanks for a great partnership.

Sin-Wei Tan

Sin-Wei Tan, Previous Advantage Austria in Beijing, now Independent Consultant, Austria

I am a repatriate experiencing difficulties on return that are highly influenced by a number of factors. Everyone who had been an expat themselves might know that this phase is confusing and challenging. I am very grateful that I had this chance to work with Gertraud. With her expertise, empathy and her positive attitude she was not only putting a lot of though

Claudia Velandia

Claudia Velandia, MBA, Executive Coach in Canada

Working with Gertraud was an excellent decision for me. I decided to work with her to have the support that I needed for my business as an executive coach while living abroad. Gertraud’s passion for her work, engaging approach, listening skills and powerful questions helped me to clarify my ideas, create a road map of actions and see different perspectives. I highly recommend Gertraud to any organization or individual that is seeking to have support while going through change and is looking to grow in their leadership skills. 

Yuko Deneuville

Yuko Deneuville, Expat Coach, Florida 

I referred a couple to Gertraud who was moving to Jamaica and felt overwhelmed with the enormity of the process. I referred the couple to her because she has both cross-cultural and coaching skills. She helped the husband to navigate smoothly into a new working environment. And she helped the wife especially who had a hard time adjusting to a new life. She wanted to get out of the house and work but she was afraid to do so. Gertraud gave her the confidence that she could find work and be present for her family at the same time. If you need help moving from one country to another, Gertraud is definitely the right person!

Deborah Harper

Deborah Harper, Retail Consultant, Executive and Leadership Coach, Los Angeles

I have so appreciated the coaching I have received from Gertraud during my preparation, planning and the actual move from Florida to California. These past 3 Months really helped me to adjust and maintain my mindset to a more positive and supportive view of this move and the adjustments I had to make. Her coaching skills, intercultural understanding and professional cooperation have been a vital support mechanism throughout. I would highly recommend Gertraud because of her effective and supportive coaching skills. 

Yusuf Reja

Yusuf Reja, CEO Ethiojobs, Ethiopia

Truly passionate is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Gertraud. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gertraud for 2 years, during which she managed operations of Ethiojobs, Ethiopia’s leading HR consultancy. I was impressed with Gertraud’s ability to coach the team, build up and nurture long term client relations and foster service excellence. Her positive mindset and personality stand out. Gertraud is a true asset for any organization requiring global HR know-how, a strong intercultural understanding and coaching skills.

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, Lecturer FH Vienna 

Gertraud hosted a guest lecture on working and living as expat in Ethiopia and the Caribbean. All students of the Master’s Program HR Management (University of Applied Sciences FH Wien) and myself enjoyed an engaging, productive and interesting lecture giving personal insights into true expat life. I highly enjoyed working with Gertraud and gained a dedicated, passionate and driven business partner, who was also fun to work with.