#2: How to really slow down to speed up your 2020

How to really slow down to start your next decade in a different way as anyone else?

It is January 2020. The last three weeks were filled with creating resolutions for 2020, visions and expectations that 2020 will be greater, more spectacular and powerful as ever.

Almost every day, I’ve been scrolling through another option or way on Social Media and read how you can create your intentions for 2020 or how to create your visionboard that will be the most powerful ever. There are a lot of ways how you get prepared for the new year and everybody and every organization operates at another speed level.

Of course, we all know that the beginning of January marks a new chapter in every organization. We start ‚from scratch‘, budget and revenues start from zero and we all thrive to ‚be ahead of the game‘. I’ve been noticing during my last coaching sessions, one common theme among some women I work with. Despite that everyone knew in their heads that they are well prepared for the new year and they had mapped everything out.

Some women leaders were already feeling tired of the speed and how the year started:

It is only January, but I feel as I am heading into June. I am honest – I am overwhelmed by the speed we are running into this new decade.

So, tune in. How do you feel right now? 

  1. I feel super energized and ready to conquer my 2020. 
  2. I feel okish…excited, but also slightly tired from the holiday action. 
  3. The first weeks were intensive and full with meetings. I feel like I want to start the year all over again. 

If you are an A – keep up the great feeling! Stay connected to your core people that matter most to you and your success. And tune in, how people around you feel at the beginning of this new year. 

If you are a B or C – yes, holiday season, 2019 finish and now a super fast start into a new decade feels like that there is just so much going on.

If you’re up for an energy booster, try this exercise. It only takes 10 minutes and results were always powerful. 


What were you proudest of in 2019?

  • Take a piece of white paper.
  • Write your name on it. How many letters has your name? e.g. GERTRAUD – 8 letters. So, you’ll write down 8 events / accomplishments / highlights you were proudest of in the last year? Work, at home – as a leader in your organization, as a mum, as a friend, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a wife?
  • Listen to your favorite song, so you’re in the best mood ever.
  • Take 5 minutes to write down your list.
  • Read it. Read it again. Read it again. Read it loud. Share it with someone that matters to you.

Every time I have been doing this exercise since November, either for myself or with a client, the results were astonishing.

  • You remember what you’ve accomplished in the last year and you feel so much more energized now to conquer what ever comes now.
  • You are not looking for the missing piece or what else could have been done – as usual.
  • You are proud of yourself.

You can try this exercise as a starter for your 2020 Planning Meetings now. You can use it to check in during the quarter. You can use it for yourself. You can use it with your team. You can use it at home with your family or very close friends.

Looking back and knowing what you have achieved gives you in many instances a positive energy boost. And you need this boost to look into your future and create powerful goals – and to rock your 2020 as in your dreams!

Exercise copyright by Luisa Molano.