#3 Being a Warrior is tough business…

I still have one comment of a fellow Jamaican expat in my head, when I shared what I was working on, my passion to support women leaders (especially when they live abroad) and what fascinates me when women lift each other up and support each other through our journies.

She said: It sounds like you work with Warriors.

The word truly resonated with me. And I thought: Yes. Almost all women I’ve met along the last years abroad, who were leading complex assignments, lives and careers abroad, were bold, adventurous and so driven to make a true impact. Life abroad and leading a team in another cultural context even sometimes feels like a mission or battle. We activate all our resources to make change happen.

One of the definitions of a Warrior says:

“Warrior can mean anything from „a person who is known for being involved in warfare,“ to „someone who fights in battle and is known to have courage and skill,“ even to „someone who is engaged in some struggle or conflict.“ … It sounds simple enough, but being a Warrior is tough business.

Leading organizations and lives outside of your home country can be rewarding, adventurous, tough, exhausting, frustrating and challenging. Challenging in a positive and in a rough way. It is certainly a place for growth and navigating a life outside of any comfort zone.

So, let me call you Warriors for this message. Warriors embrace their gifts and energies to play smart in their markets. They stand up for their organizations. They focus on their results and impact they leave in the country they choose to live in for a certain amount of time. They are bold. Adventurous. Choose the craziest places to make an impact. Choose courage over comfort many times in their careers and lives. They love the edge of their roles. And they also wish many times to have a more comfy life.

Society, their friends and family would second that you are a warrior. They would certainly not describe you as Worrier. You do not show up as being worried or constantly worrying about your life and career. Warrior or Worrier? Warrior.

But how about the question is not if you are a Warrior OR a Worrier in your life? I’ve noticed that the boldest, most engaging and adventurous women leaders always thrive for more. They are very hard on themselves and we find worry deep within them. Secretly, and mostly not shared with their environment. Because in our world, they are brave, and bold, and strong, and powerful. And worrying does not fit into who we are.

How about the question is: Warrior AND Worrier?