#6 Women on Fire

Today is International Women’s Day and it is always a spotlight day to celebrate powerful women in our lives.

There are many opinions out there, almost similar to other One Day Events like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Yes, it would be great to celebrate every day the power of women and power of community, but we usually do not do that and get drawn into daily struggles and life.

So, let’s enjoy all the bliss, spotlight, discussions and insights during this day.

For this day, I wanted to share more insights of my recent work.

[Side Note: I’ve mostly seen those gifts and combination with women, but that could also be that 80% of my recent clients were women living and working abroad. So this is exploratory research only and sharing the themes I have seen coming over and over and over.]

Let me call this series Women on Fire for now…and you’ll understand why in a second. Let me start with the Gifts I’ve seen among so many women, who are super compassionate about their project, career or business:

  • You do not fit into any box. You are doing the exact opposite of what society would be doing, or your friends or anyone in your city. Is it that you are leaving your home country and following a big career calling in a weird country abroad. Is it that you are starting a business while starting a new job, and still wanting to get pregnant. Is it that you decide to run for an impactful big role in your career although everyone tells you to just be happy where you are. You love and enjoy disrupting those labels.
  • You really believe that anything is possible. You want to create a positive impact, inspire your team, leave a legacy. Your work is not focused to put a spotlight on you, but on creating real change for your community. Everyone can feel your compassion and see your eyes lighting up when you talk about your job, your business or your project.
  • You are always on the move. Learning, growing and seeing the next step is second nature to you. You’re always on the move, and about to create a new comfort zone. Whenever you are too long in your current comfort zone, it is time to disrupt it again…​
  • You inspire others to follow your example. All your energy is contagious and you soon see people following you, getting inspired and craving what you have. But they do not see the dark side of all your gifted life and blessings…

When looking into your Gifts, we’ve also detected in all interviews and sessions I had been working on in the last years, that although they are so powerful, they might also be working against you in some way.

  • Although you are so compassionate about all you do and glow when you talk about your work, you secretly run on an empty tank. From time to time (or also over longer periods in life) you forget to integrate self care into your packed schedule. You forget about Saying No to things that do not fuel you anymore. And secretly your resources and energy are getting low. All your compassion does not really match an empty tank, and from the outside no-one would also guess that you are actually feeling quite depleted from time to time.
  • ‚I feel that all I do is never enough. I am always striving for more, better, higher, different, more impactful…‘. This sentence pops up over and over when I work with super compassionate women. The theme of ‚Never feeling enough‚ is a recurring one and is a heavy lift.
  • Being a Beta Version of yourself. A Beta Version is an almost perfect version, but still needs to be finally tested before the big release. We can compare that status to the feeling, that you always feel like not 100% ready, not 100% experienced, not 100% the right match (yet!) when you enter unchartered territory. Unchartered territory meaning a new job, moving to a new country, a new chapter in life (becoming a mum), a new initiative…

I’d be very curious – is this you? What part is you? Are you a believer, disrupter, compassionate women on fire? Are you struggling that you almost feel that all you do is never enough? Do you feel like a Beta Version or the Best Version on the Market?

Drop me a message and share your thoughts & inspiration on today’s Women’s Day.

The Series Women on Fire will be continued over the next months and you’ll see some powerful women sharing their compassion and secrets to fill up their tanks. Stay tuned…

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday – put a spotlight on you, all you’ve created and just enjoy some Weekend Bliss. That’s all you gonna do – and that’s enough and beautiful.

Yours, Gertraud