Like a Hummingbird – Your Uplifting retreat

October 6-7, 2023, Innviertler Versailles, Upper Austria

Are you missing magic in your life and at work? 

Rest will make you glow. The courage to lead yourself and your team with joy. 

Rest happens outside of your comfort zone. It’s easier to be busy than to follow your heart and create a space to rest. 

All workshops are facilitated in English. All genders are welcome.

We’ve created a creative space for you that we consciously baptized: the hummingbird  

Join Sin-Wei, Gertraud & guest trainers for a retreat weekend in a castle in Upper Austria. 

Copyright Video and Pictures: Julia Stocker & Lukas Zeilbauer, Deine Marketing Box

Hummingbirds can fly and rest – at the same time. 

The busy hummingbird learned to rest. In brief moments, catching the breath and reloading energies. Inspired by this philosophy, we created hands-on sessions for you to explore rest, your own rhythm in life & work, and what it takes to integrate your learnings into your Monday morning.

The unseen moments of the hummingbird’s life are a reminder that even when the world around us tends to focus on what we can do and how we fly, our moments of rest are just as vital, even if they go unseen.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Come as you are: vulnerable. As a quiet extrovert. As a courageous introvert. Humming, singing, dancing, observing, connecting, listening and learning.

On Friday, you’ll take a break & find your beat

We’ll start with the most powerful coffee break you can imagine. You’ll experience: a blend of cultures and stories, surrounded by water, looking into different perspectives, feeling this sense of inspiration, and a bit of this lost glow that had been covered under work and busy schedules.

On Saturday, you’ll learn to rest & fly 

We journal and lean into questions we never dare to ask. We learn effective approaches to see grateful moments. Dance, laughter yoga, a surprise for the very courageous ones.

Your take-aways

  • Guided deep dive workshop and working on your own concept of rest: how can you integrate rest in your typical week? 
  • Reality check: What boundaries do you need? What is realistic in your current schedule right now? 
  • Unforgettable moments of laughter and dance 
  • One session guided by a world-class trainer that will take you consciously outside of your comfort zone – as a final celebration of this time for yourself. 
  • Inspiration to journal and use your Level Journal right away 

What do you get?

  • 2 days (one night) in the marvelous castle Innviertler Versailles, in Aurolzmünster. Magic is waiting for you…it’s a 2hrs drive from Vienna, 2.5hrs from Graz and 1hr from Salzburg. 
  • A fully furnished apartment for 1-4 people.
  • Delicious dinner on Friday, and on Saturday, breakfast and lunch, nourishing snacks in between. Soup and fire on Saturday evening. Drinks such as juices or alcoholic beverages are not included. 
  • Your personal Level Journal designed and created by the author Katharina Maria Zimmermann & visual artist Jelena Donko. Read into the power of asking unlocking questions here. It’s your journal that invites you to reflect on 2023 and will accompany your 2024.
  • A bag of surprises and signature pieces for your everyday’s magic.  

Your investment

EUR 608,- per person including full program & board, workshops, Level journal, gifts.

2 apartments and spots are already gone. 

Registration deadline is the 31st of August, 2023.

Final Details

Friday, 6th of October: Welcome & coffee ceremony starts at 3 PM. Dinner: 6.30 PM and fire. Check-in apartment: from 1 PM

Saturday, 7th of October: Breakfast from 7.30 – 8.45 AM. Opening Circle at 9 AM. Lunch at 1 PM. Fire and soup at 6 PM. We’ll finish at around 8 PM for those driving home. If you want to stay one more night until Sunday, please write us and we’ll send you pricing for one extra discounted night and breakfast. 

Register via e-mail and write to us for how many persons you reserve a spot. We’ll send you the booking, payment and details via e-Mail.

Your hummingbird hosts

Sin-Wei builds diverse and inclusive communities in all areas in her life: at work bridging strategy, communications and connecting global stakeholders. In her own intercultural consultancy Tan Consulting – connecting cultures and business opportunities and in her private life connecting the most inspiring and impactful people from all corners of the world. Sin-Wei is enthusiastic about creative processes. With openness, her feisty style and a large portion of empathy, she places importance on setting accents in the trainings and sessions. 

As a native Austrian with Chinese heritage and Malaysian born parents, she believes in creating ideas and showing expectations in a culturally relevant and unambiguous way – with curiosity, lightness and fun, a respectful communication on eyesight. Living in Mondsee. Traveling the world. Coming from various experiences of different rhythms in places, systems and communities. She used to be an on-camera host, working in diplomatic services under high pressure and stress – resting times became vital to her.

Sin-Wei has been a compassionate dancer for decades and she combines rhythm, movement, her cultural heritage and her global mind in her work as trainer and cross-cultural facilitator. 

Curating my resting time has always been a part, a question, a playground of inspirations, an oasis to me, – resting times are vital to me. I have manifested rest in my world of decision making. It’s sometimes colorful, in silence, in rhythms, in consciously observing, in dis/-connecting. I will meet you exactly where you are. I love to shape the ground for self-confidence and self-expressions, in particular through DANCE.

Sin-Wei Tan

Gertraud Eregger stands for creating community and opening up stories & hearts. Creating vulnerable spaces, pouring into her experience as recruiter, entrepreneur, mother and global nomad calling Austria, Ethiopia and Jamaica her home. When life and work gets too messy, my daily 5 min mantra at the open window, a bike ride, the ocean (or just its sound) and fresh mountain air, sitting and chatting with friends having all the time on the planet and a passionfruit cider get me in my magic again. 

She’s an executive coach & founder of create your move. Lived and worked in HR leadership roles in Ethiopia and Jamaica. Loves to coach global talent and extraordinary human beings on their journey to re-discover joy for work and life. Works in Graz with organizations like Caritas to shape their leadership culture, and works with CINT building a true welcoming culture here in Graz for anyone coming from abroad who is trying to find home here.

Proud mum of two wild & adventurous girls. Feeling free and full of ease when riding or walking steep hills, with one intention for 2023: to be in nature, in the woods.

I love to be with you in your messy middle – listening, holding space for what’s bothering you and getting in your way, and kicking your butt to open your heart again. Don’t be afraid of the mess, let it in, and magic will spark. Going through a transition process with a wild and open heart is the most vulnerable experience, takes a ton of courage and needs conscious rest and grounding yourself over and over again. We’ll take you to those places, and free this light and fun version of you again.

Gertraud Eregger

Payment and Cancellation Policies

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the full contribution will be transferred within 14 days. In any case of cancellation, the withdrawal must be made by e-mail. If a substitute person is provided, all cancellation costs are waived. The contribution of the can be canceled latest until 31st of August. In case of unexpected sickness after the 31st of August, Sin-Wei and Gertraud will create a 3hrs private coaching & dance session for you in a virtual setting after the weekend. In case the is canceled by the organizers, the full cost of the will be refunded and another date will be announced. The amounts of the hotel will be transferred according to the cancellation policies of the Innviertler Versailles. Apartment cancellation is until 48hrs prior to departure free of charge.