Valentina Marino-Melan

Medical Doctor, New York

I got to know Gertraud as a speaker at a webinar which was organized by the CDA – Partners and Families in the Foreign Ministry of Austria. She further offered a follow-up personal coaching session. We instantly clicked.

After that I had the opportunity, also through the CDA, to take part in three online coaching sessions in February/March 2021. I am so very happy to have chosen Gertraud because of her warm-heartedness, professionalism and encouraging mentality. My most important insight was the common theme in my career (the „why“), which follows through various past functions. I needed a reflection to find out what theme occurs in all my passions and past jobs to understand what I want to do in the future.

Nevertheless, it is a work in progress, which Gertraud continues to cheer me on. Specific benefits I got from the session where finding a job title which fits my unconventional career, a push to present myself confidently, how to use LinkedIn (e.g. through publishing articles) and a self-reflection of how I can make my career portable (carrying my „why“ all around the world in various positions).

If you hesitate to sign up I generally recommend: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just try it out! Gertraud, thank you, we will keep in touch!

Lisa Soares Lewis CPC, ELI-MP

Founder/CEO Great People Solutions (G.P.S.) Limited

After meeting Gertraud Eregger in 2017 when she moved to Jamaica we knew she was the right match for our team at Great People Solutions (GPS) Ltd in Jamaica as a Consultant Recruiter and Coach.  Her energy is warm, inviting and inclusive – always curious about the best intentions and outcomes. She brought her unique #KindEnergyLeadership, open thinking and structured business approach to all of her client engagements and team interactions.  Her effortless coaching style was well sought after and was spot on in talent assessments for selection and development.

Beyond being on the team, Gertraud was a great HR business partner for me, helping to build team dynamics and ideate our business ideas.  GPS grew in so many ways with her input and generous thinking and contributions.  We never said goodbye when Gertraud went back to Austria as she remains a part of our GPS Coaching cadre and we look forward to growing our international footprint with her active partnership and shared values.